The Israeli Defense Ministry just completed a series of week-long tests on the David’s Sling missile defense system. During the trials that were conducted in order to test the new additions on David’s Sling, the system intercepted a rocket that was fired in its direction.

David's Sling missile defense system

David’s Sling missile defense system Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

About a week after receiving the advanced Arrow 3 system, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) has reached another milestone today (Wednesday) in achieving its multi-layered missile defense system after completing tests on the David’s Sling system. The advanced system that is currently making its first steps into the IDF will defend against short to mid-range missiles, such as those possessed by Hezbollah, completing Israel’s air defense system alongside the Iron Dome and the Arrow 3.

The Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) and the US Missile Defense Agency’s successful series of trials, in cooperation with Rafael, tested the advanced missile defense system’s abilities in numerous scenarios that simulated potential future threats.

Israel’s multi-layered defense system consists of four effective layers: The Iron Dome system that intercepts mid-range rockets, the David’s Sling system that intercepts short to mid-range rockets, the operational Arrow 2 system and the Arrow 3 system that intercepts heavy and long-range rockets.