In response to the petition submitted by residents in Hebron, the Israeli government made it clear that the 100 settlers who invaded the House of the Patriarch about a month ago will be removed from the property, whether through negotiations or a forced eviction date to be determined. Therefore, the state claims that the petition must be deleted as it is “irrelevant”.

The House of the Patriarchs

The House of the Patriarchs Photo Credit: Tzipi Schlissel/TPS

About a month after Israeli settlers invaded the House of the Patriarchs, a three-story building in Hebron near the Cave of the Patriarchs, the Israeli government announced today (Sunday) that it plans to evict them in a week if no other agreement is made during the ongoing negotiations with the settlers. In an official response to the Supreme Court petition submitted by nearby residents, the Israeli government wrote that “in light of the State Attorney General’s rulings, there is room to evacuate the building from Israeli groups who entered the building.”

The state clarified that the Israeli security establishment “requires seven days in order to exhaust the ongoing negotiations with representatives of the settlers in the building. As a result, the State Attorney General approved granting one week in order to exhaust the negotiations for peacefully evacuating the building: Insofar as the negotiations do not lead to an agreement concerning the peaceful evacuation of the building until that date, security forces will conduct the eviction as planned.”

As a result, the state asserts that the petition, which was submitted by 10 residents claiming that the settlers “invaded and conquered the house illegally,” should be removed as it is “irrelevant” due to the state’s decision to evacuate the property.