The Israeli Justice Minister said that she is looking into proposing a law that would limit the investigations into an incumbent prime minister. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently being questioned under caution at his home by police investigators.

Netanyahu and Shaked

Netanyahu and Shaked Photo Credit: Yitzhak Harari/Flash 90

Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said today that supports “a more extensive law that will limit the investigations into the incumbent prime minister and strengthen the governance.”

In an interview with a radio station in southern Israel, Shaked said that she is reviewing the possibility of proposing a law similar to the French law that prohibits investigations into the current president in order to enable him to fully focus on the country’s matters.

One of the ways to initiate the law, according to Shaked, is to freeze the statute of limitations in order to preserve the investigation, which will begin only after the prime minister has finished his term.

As reported earlier by JOL, police investigators arrived at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Jerusalem residence this evening in order to question him under caution. Netanyahu is suspected of accepting gifts and favors worth thousands of shekels.