BDS supporters had taken to Twitter to urge the Colombian singer to cancel what was supposed to be her first performance in Tel Aviv.

Shakira performing in Paris.

Shakira performing in Paris. Wikimedia Commons

Colombian pop sensation Shakira has decided to cancel her upcoming Tel Aviv performance due to the violent clashes along the Gaza border and pressure from the BDS movement.

Hadashot news reported earlier this month that the date for her performance was July 9. However, Live Nation, an American production company, tweeted on Tuesday that Shakira will not be performing in Israel this summer. “While no dates this summer will work, Shakira and Live Nation hope to bring a show to her fans in Israel in the future,” the company wrote.

After Israeli media reported that Shakira plans to come to Israel for her first performance, BDS supporters took to Twitter to urge her to cancel the show. They also showed support for the singer following the news about her decision to cancel the gig.