Pop star Shakira will make her first appearance in Israel this July. She recently said that she does not plan to change her plans even though they may be criticized.



Colombian pop sensation Shakira is scheduled to perform in Israel this July at HaYarkon Park in Tel Aviv. The 41-year-old Latin pop artist has already paid a visit to Israel. In 2011, she visited the bilingual Jewish Arab school in Jerusalem and met with students.

Shakira said she is aware of the criticism her visit may raise from groups such as the BDS but promised it would not affect her plans to perform. The Colombian-born artist has Lebanese roots, and in an interview with The Associated Press back in 2011, she said she has great respect and love for the people of Israel.

“I’m very proud of my Lebanese heritage … but it has nothing to do with the fact that I respect and have great affection for this country and the people of this country, both Israelis and Palestinians, and that’s why I’m here, because I think that kids need us — kids don’t understand about conflicts,” she said during the interview.

The Grammy Award winner has sold over 170 million albums, and in 2010, she performed the World Cup anthem Waka Waka in South Africa, turning it into a worldwide hit.

Shakira’s performance will take place a day ahead of the World Cup semi-finals in Russia, on Monday, July 9. Ticket prices have not been confirmed yet.