The Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet), in a joint operation with the IDF and the Israel Police, has arrested three terror cell members who plotted to dress up as settlers and kidnap an Israeli civilian or soldier during Hanukkah.

The three terror cell members arrested

The three terror cell members arrested Photo credit: Shin Bet/Channel 2 News

The Shin Bet recently brought to the arrest of three Hamas terror cell members from the West Bank who plotted to kidnap an Israeli during Hanukkah, Channel 2 News reported on Wednesday.

The would-be terrorists, all residents of the Palestinian village of Tell near Nablus, reportedly planned to dress up as Jewish settlers and offer a ride to an Israeli civilian or soldier. It was further revealed that they have been collecting intelligence in major roads and intersections in the area.

The leader of the terror cell, aged 26, has reportedly been looking for an apartment around Nablus where the abducted Israeli would be hidden.

Shin Bet investigators found a gun, a taser and a gas spray which were meant to be used during the attack.