The Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee has voted to extend until January 20, 2021 the authorization given to the Israel Security Service (Shin Bet) to use phone tracking to detect coronavirus carriers and those who came in contact with them. The government originally requested that the authorization be extended until January 28.

In late July the Knesset plenum passed a law authorizing the Shin Bet to assist in the national efforts to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus .

Under the terms of the law, the government may grant the Shin Bet this authorization for a period that shall not exceed 21 days, until the temporary order expires. The authorization may be extended. Following the government’s approval, the decision is transferred to the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee for approval. The temporary order was due to expire on January 20, 2021.

However, Article 38 of Basic Law: the Knesset states that “Any enactment due to expire during the last two months of the term of office of the outgoing Knesset or within four months after the Knesset has decided to dissolve itself or during the first three months of the term of office of the incoming Knesset shall continue in force until the expiration of the said three months.” In accordance with the law, the temporary order will remain valid until July 6, 2021.