Two Israeli-Arabs have been charged with planning to carry out a terror attack inspired by ISIS at the Temple Mount. The suspects are both residents of Umm al-Fahm, an Israeli-Arab town in northern Israel.

Two of the suspects

Two of the suspects Photo Credit: Shin Bet Spokesperson

Indictments were filed Monday against two Israeli-Arabs who planned to carry out an ISIS-inspired terror attack at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. The suspects were arrested in joint Shin Bet and Israel Police operations that were carried out recently.

The suspects were identified as 20-year-olds Muhammad Jabarin and Imad Jabarin, both Umm al-Fahm residents. A 17-year-old minor who was also planning the attack with the older suspects was arrested as well.  

The Shin Bet discovered by interrogating the three suspects that they were planning to commit a shooting attack similar to the June 2017 Temple Mount terror attack in which two Druze Israeli police officers were murdered. However, the suspects were arrested before they were able to obtain firearms and carry out their plot.

In addition, the Shin Bet learned that the terrorists were planning to carry out additional attacks against other targets. They had discussed carrying out attacks on synagogues or churches in Tel Aviv or another city that has a relatively low Arab population. In addition, they thought about carrying out a car-ramming attack on Christmas.