Investigators are currently questioning Shlomo Filber, the new State Witness in the Case 4000 investigation against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The former Communications Ministry official may hold the political future of the incumbent prime minister in his hands.

Shlomo Filber arrives at the Magistrate's Court after arrest

Shlomo Filber arrives at the Magistrate’s Court after arrest Photo Credit: Flash 90

Shlomo Filber was a friend and confidant of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for some 30 years. Now, it appears that his testimony will be the one to determine the future of the prime minister, who is increasingly entangled in the ongoing investigations of several corruption cases.

Filber is currently being questioned by the Israel Police in Case 4000, also known as the Bezeq case. The former Communication Ministry Director-General will reportedly reveal what he knows about deals made between the ministry and the key Israeli telecommunications company. More specifically, he will reportedly confess that Netanyahu was the one who urged that the alleged deals with Bezeq company sharholder Shaul Elovitch take place.

People close to FIlber told reporters on Wednesday that he is at peace it his decision to sign a State’s Witness agreement. However, this stance appears to be a recent development. During the previous investigations regarding the case, Filber denied all the allegations.

Filber was arrested on Sunday along with other associates of Netanyahu and Bezeq officials. Sources familiar with the case told the Israel News Company on Wednesday that the arrest finally “broke down” Filber. The sources also said that people who met the State’s Witness after the signing of the deal could recognize a clear sign of relief on his face.