A 39-year-old shooter shot and killed 3 in Fresno, California. According to the authorities, he told the police that he hates Caucasian people. The suspect was arrested shortly after the shooting. All of the victims are white.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

A resident of California who calls himself Black Jesus opened fire last night and killed 3 people in Fresno. According to the police, shortly after he was arrested, he shouted Allahu Akhbar and made deragotory remarks against white people.

Shooter Kori Ali Mohammed was already wanted after last week he shot a police officer outside a motel in the city. Police Chief Jerry Dyer stated that he fired at least 16 bullets from a pistol that he carried with him until he was finally arrested by the police. All rounds were fired in less than a minute.

On social media, Mohammed referred to white people as “devils” and released a rap album earlier in the year calling himself a “black soldier.” The police are investigating the incident as a hate crime. “If in fact he’s lashing out at white people, white males in this case, that would constitute a hate crime,” Dyer stated. “We believe it is a hate crime, definitely a hate crime.”

All 3 of the victims were white as was the police officer shot last week while Mohammed is African American. According to Dyer, it is too early to rule out the possibility that it was a terror attack but in his opinion, it for sure was a hate crime.