Three soldiers were injured in a shooting attack near Beit El today. One of the victims is in critical condition. The terrorist was eliminated at the scene by other IDF soldiers.

The Focus Checkpoint, this evening

The Focus Checkpoint, this evening Photo Credit: Inbal Rubani/TPS/Channel 2 News

A Palestinian terrorist shot and injured three IDF soldiers this evening (Monday) near Beit El. The terrorist arrived at a checkpoint just north of Ramallah and started shooting at a group of soldiers, injuring three of them. One of the victims is in critical condition while the two others sustained only minor injuries.  

At around 5:15 PM, the terror attack began when the terrorist arrived at the Focus Checkpoint. The IDF soldiers who were at the scene responded by firing at the terrorist, eliminating him. Additional IDF forces are searching the area in order to make sure that no other terrorists were involved. According to some reports, the terrorist was a member of the Palestinian National Security Services

A Magen David Adom team arrived at the scene and treated the injured soldiers. The victims were then transported to Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital.

The firearm used by the terrorist

The firearm used by the terrorist Photo Credit: IDF Spokesman/Channel 2 News

Magen David Adom paramedic David Dalfan, who was part of the response team that treated the soldiers, recalled the situation: “When we arrived on site, we saw a 20-year-old completely conscious. Along with IDF medical forces that were at the scene, we gave him immediate lifesaving medical treatment and he was then moved to the hospital in critical condition. Afterward, his condition stabilized. Another pair of 20-year-olds were slightly injured in their limbs from ricochets. We gave them medical treatment at the scene and later transported them to the hospital.”