A seven-year-old Palestinian girl from Gaza was abandoned by her father while the two were in Israel for medical treatment. The girl returned to Gaza a few hours after the incident once the Israeli authorities managed to contact her mother and set up a meeting at the Erez Border Crossing. The father was eventually located and arrested.

The young Gaza girl and a female Israeli police officer

The young Gaza girl and a female Israeli police officer Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson

Police officers received a report Sunday afternoon from a shuttle driver in Jerusalem who claimed that a Palestinian father suddenly abandoned his daughter right in front of his eyes. The driver told the officers that he had driven the father and his daughter, both residents of Gaza, to a medical center in Israel for treatment.

On their way back to the Erez Border Crossing after the treatment, the father asked the driver to pull over to the side of the road because his daughter had to relieve herself. When the driver stopped the vehicle, the father opened the door and sprinted out of the car, leaving his daughter behind as she cried.

The officers took the seven-year-old girl to a police station in central Jerusalem after they calmed her down. The police said that the young girl was initially very scared and confused. However, within a short amount time, the girl was playing with the female officers at the station and eating the snacks they bought her.

While officers searched for the girl’s father, the police station contacted the Israeli Civil Administration and the Coordination and Liaison Administration to the Gaza Strip and informed them about the incident. The Coordination and Liaison Administration to the Gaza Strip located the girl’s mother in Gaza. The girl was then taken to the border crossing and reunited with her mother. A few hours later, the girl’s father was located and arrested in central Israel.