The Interior Minister announced his decision to quit politics after 23 years, in light of allegations of sexual misconduct. “I have had enough of the agony,” he said in a statement. The Attorney General is expected to start an investigation, which may become criminal if any of the women chooses to testify.

Photo credit: Flash 90/Channel 2 News

Israeli Interior Minister MK Silvan Shalom announced on Sunday that he was resigning and leaving politics, following a number of sexual assault allegations against him that have risen in the last couple of days. Amir Ohana, who is placed 32nd on the Likud party’s Knesset list, is expected to take Shalom’s place as an MK. A probe into Shalom’s conduct will possibly still take place despite his resignation.

“My family is fully supporting me, but there’s no justification for the price they’re forced to pay,” Shalom said in a statement. “Under these circumstances, I have decided to resign my positions as a minister and a Knesset member. For 23 years I have served the public, with loyalty and faith, out of desire to promote highly important social and public agendas. I have had enough of the agony that my family and I are experiencing.”

Shalom’s wife, media persona Judy Nir Mozes Shalom, tweeted briefly that she was “sad, but my kids are above all.”

But despite this decision, Shalom’s troubles may still be far from over. Since early Sunday morning, officials at the police’s Investigations and Fraud Unit have been collecting names of women who might be willing to testify against him, as well as names of his personal assistants, bodyguards, chauffeurs and other people who have worked with him closely and may be able to provide information that would support the women’s testimonies.