The Israeli company Aleph Farms introduced this week the first “steak” created entirely from cells grown in the laboratory.

The new innovation seeks to give consumers the full experience of meat cuts in appearance, texture and shape as well as taste, making it a new benchmark in the world of cultured meats. According to a company statement, this new product demonstrates the ability to grow different types of natural beef isolated from a cow in a 3D structure that resembles conventional meat.

These innovations seek to provide an alternative solution for meat lovers, so that they can enjoy the product in a way that does not harm animals and is less harmful to the environment. According to various studies, the meat production industry currently produces more greenhouse gas emissions (between 14.5-18%) than means of transport (14%).

“We are literally shaping the future of the meat industry,” says Didier Toubia, co-founder and CEO of Aleph Farms. “Making a hamburger or sausage from cultured cells is quite difficult, but just imagine how hard it is to create a steak with a whole muscle.

The filet created by Aleph Farms for now is a “minute-steak”, that is, it is relatively thin and cooks in a short time. However, Toubia clarifies that “the technology we developed marks a real breakthrough and a giant leap in producing a ”real” steak of cultivated cells”.