The IDF has released footage of the “Sky Rider” unit in action, as surveillance drones scour the West Bank, assisting ground troops in their mission to locate and rescue the kidnapped teens. The unit is spread across a wide region, in both Judea and Samaria, and works closely with Special Forces units. Watch

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The IDF’s eyes, during Operation “Return our Sons” are soldiers from the “Sky Rider” unit, which deploy unmanned aerial drones to swiftly assist ground troops in their missions. The IDF has released footage of the unit’s operations from the past few days. 

The unit’s squads are spread out across Judea and Samaria, and especially in Hebron. The unit is capable of quickly deploying the unmanned aerial vehicle, which weighs only 7kgs from any location. The unit was mobilized on Friday, and was joined by other combat troops on Saturday morning.

The unit, which belongs to the Artillery Corps, deploy a drone which is equipped with a camera which relates aerial footage and information to ground units, including special forces units, operating in the field. The information, which is delivered in real time, helps in the efforts to locate the kidnapped teens. 

“We work with a variety of units, and we see everything from above,” said a high-ranking officer in the unit to Channel 2 News Online. “Our advantage is the speed with which we can deploy, and the dynamic tool we are able to utilize – within 10 minutes of arriving on the scene – we put the drone together, and the results have been fantastic. We insure that the troops are able to operate effectively, across the West Bank, from Jenin to Hebron.”