In recent days, Palestinian social media users have been reposting a video clip that shows footage from actual terror attacks throughout Israel and animated images of Palestinians murdering Israelis. The lyrics of the new single encourage Palestinians to carry out more terror attacks. Terrorist groups have endorsed the video by posting it on their websites but the music clip was also uploaded to the YouTube page of Ma’an, the largest independent Palestinian news agency.

An animated image from the video

An animated image from the video Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Amid the growing tensions in the West Bank and Jerusalem, a Palestinian band affiliated with Hamas released a new single in Hebrew that praises terror attacks against Jewish people and Israelis. The chorus of the song is: “Shin Bet agent, soldier, settler, policeman, I will attack you, tear you apart and stab you.” While this is not the first time that the band has released a song encouraging terror attacks, one of the places where the new song’s music video was featured stands out: the YouTube page of the Palestinian news agency Ma’an.

The music video, which has subtitles in Arabic, is difficult to watch because it shows the footage from terror attacks and animated images of terrorists stabbing Jewish people. The lyrics incite to terror attacks no less than the images: “I will do what’s never been done before for the sake of the Al-Aqsa Mosque…I will kill you.”

Hamas and other terrorist groups like the Palestinian Islamic Jihad have been promoting the video clip in recent days on their official websites and social media accounts in a clear attempt to encourage Palestinians to carry out lone-wolf terror attacks. However, it is still unclear why the popular Ma’an news agency uploaded the video to its YouTube page under the title: “A song in Hebrew defends Al-Aqsa.” The news agency uploaded the video without mentioning its inciting content.

Ma’an claims to be the largest independent Palestinian news agency. For over a decade, it has offered non-stop coverage of the news in the Palestinian sector on its website. According to the Israeli research center NGO Monitor, the EU donated more than 427,000 euros to Ma’an in 2016 for promoting peace.

After being criticized by monitoring groups for uploading the video clip, Ma’an announced that it has taken the clip off of its site. In an official statement, the Palestinian news agency accused far-right wing groups in Israel of asserting that it produced the inciting video. According to Ma’an, it was merely reporting that the video existed by uploading it to its YouTube page.