According to a new survey carried out on 600 citizens by the Israeli Institute for Democracy, 49.5% of Israeli Jews and 66% of Israeli Arabs, totaling around 52% of the Israeli population, believe that Netanyahu should resign if he is charged on charges of corruption in which is currently being investigated.

In this same survey other aspects related to the upcoming elections in Israel that will be held on April 9 were evaluated.

For example, 44% of the Jewish public identified themselves as voters on the right, while 19% identified themselves as center-right and 18% as center. Only 7% identified themselves as left.

In the Arab population, 42.5% identified themselves as voters on the left or center-left and only 1.5% as voters on the right.

Within the Jewish population, each respondent was also identified as Orthodox Haredi, religious, traditionalist religious, non-religious or secular traditionalist.

When evaluating the political tendencies of each group, 81.5% of the religious and 60% of the Orthodox Haredi identified themselves as right-wing voters. Among secular Jews, 26% identified themselves as center voters, 25% as right-wing voters, 20% as center-right voters and only 13% as left-wing voters.

Regarding female representation in politics, the survey also evaluated what percentage of the population considers it important that there be a considerable number of women in the lists of political parties.

80% of left voters considered it important, as well as 57% of center voters and 45% of right-wing voters.