Twenty warning shots were fired by South Korean soldiers at the Demilitarized Zone as North Korean troops approached the border on Thursday morning. The North Koreans were searching for a soldier who had gone missing. South Korea has confirmed that the soldier defected.

North Korean soldiers

North Korean soldiers Photo Credit: EPA-EFE

On Thursday morning, South Korean soldiers fired 20 warning shots at their North Korean counterparts who were approaching the border in search of a fellow soldier who defected to the South. According to South Korea’s Yonhap news agency, the soldier managed to successfully cross the heavily guarded border into his country’s southern neighbor.

The South Korean Defense Ministry has confirmed the report about the latest defector. The defense minister stated that the soldier has been taken into custody and that he will be questioned by the authorities.

The soldier crossed the border at around 8:00 AM. It appears that none of his fellow soldiers noticed that he was trying to escape and thus no shots were fired from the North.