Thirty-three suspects have been arrested a confidential police informant collected evidence indicating that they were involved in drug trafficking and extortion by threats and violence.

Israeli Police response team

Israeli Police response team Photo Credit: Flash 90

Thirty-three criminals were arrested Tuesday morning near Ashkelon. Most of the suspects belong to a well-known criminal organization in the area. Among the suspects arrested was the son of the head of the organization.

The arrests were carried out after a confidential informant collected evidence of drug trafficking and extortion by threats and violence. The police reported that the suspects had terrorized the city while ignoring the means and their actions.

Police who searched the houses of the suspects found large amounts of drugs and cash were seized. In addition, the police confiscated a number of vehicles, which they plan to impound. All of the suspects were transferred to the police station for interrogation and will be brought to court to extend their detention.

The police said that the operation began following a wave of violent incidents in the city of Ashkelon, including drug offenses and extortion by threats. The agents’ division in the Israel Police’s central unit recruited the CI, who was already a member of the criminal organization, serving as a “soldier” of the main suspect. The police instructed him to purchase drugs such as marijuana and cocaine from a number of suspects and also collected evidence against those suspected of violent offenses and extortion by threats.