As reported by JOL news, an emergency meeting of the Israeli space industry officials convened to discuss the implications following the explosion of satellite Amos-6 at the launch site in Florida.

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Israel’s space industry is trying to “pick up the pieces” the day after the explosion at the launch site in Florida, where the communication satellite Amos-6 was destroyed. Minister of Science, Technology, and Space, Ofir Akunis convened an emergency meeting with space industry officials on Sunday to discuss repercussions.

Following the painful blow just two days prior to the planned launch, Israeli Space Agency announced that it will continue to support the space industries in Israel “in order to keep them at the forefront of technology and especially in order to maintain the critical independence of Israel in the field of communication satellites.”

NASA teams along with SpaceX, which developed the Falcon 9 rocket on which the satellite exploded, continue to look for the cause of the devastating incident.   

Israeli company “Spacecom”, in charge of operating the satellite, continues to remain silent and has not yet commented on the loss. The Chinese company Xinwei that signed an agreement to acquire “Spacecom”, said that it is assessing the repercussions of the event following the explosion.