After several weeks of preparations, the world’s largest rocket designed by SpaceX was successfully launched into space. The booster rockets released from the main rocket safely landed as planned. Elon Musk’s project for a Mars landing began its first stage.

Flacon Heavy launch

Flacon Heavy launch Photo Credit: Screenshot from Youtube

SpaceX founder, CEO and lead designer Elon Musk’s huge rocket Falcon Heavy was successfully launched into space on Tuesday evening for the first time. After the launch, two booster rockets disconnected from the Falcon Heavy’s main body and successfully landed back on earth.

According to Musk’s plan, the experimental rocket will bring the human race to Mars and during this launch, the Falcon Heavy will orbit around the sun while carrying a Tesla electric car.  

The large rocket is composed of 27 super-strength rocket engines capable of carrying more than 60 tons of cargo into a relatively low orbit in space or a lower weight of cargo farther into space. Musk chose to send quite a unique cargo with his new rocket: his personal vehicle with a copy of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” tucked into the glove compartment.