As the future of the traditional workplace rapidly shifts, coworking has become a global phenomenon with more than 14,000 coworking spaces around the world. Israeli company Spacing noticed the growing sensation and launched a website in 2017 dedicated to coworking spaces in the UK, Israel, Poland and Chile with anticipated expansions in 2018.

The coworking space boom

The coworking space boom Photo Credit: Elazar Navo

Two former Zap Group (price comparison website) executives have launched a new website called Spacing, which focuses on coworking spaces. The website provides information about hundreds of coworking spaces, including pictures, videos, pricing, amenities, reviews and even nearby restaurants.

The future of work is rapidly shifting, while the traditional office cubicle has been replaced with flexible and shared spaces. Coworking is a relatively new form of work that is changing the workplace culture and recognizes the core values of collaboration, community, flexibility and shared resources.

Spacing founders Hagay Albo and Eitan Singer

Spacing founders Hagay Albo and Eitan Singer Photo Credit: Elazar Navo

Coworking has become a global sensation, with over 14,000 coworking spaces across the world. This new form of working, which is unquestionably here to stay, allows members to enjoy a collaborative, engaging work environment that shares resources and ideas.

Spacing, which was founded in 2017 by Hagay Albo and Eitan Singer, recognized the massively growing potential of coworking spaces and shared offices and launched a website solely dedicated to the sensation. The website currently operates in the United Kingdom, Israel, Poland, and Chile and is planning on expanding in 2018.

Finding the ideal coworking space can be a difficult task, especially since there are so many options, and this is where Spacing comes in. The nature of the space you choose to work from determines everything from your energy, the quality of your creation and your job function.

Spacing provides tenants with a smart and simple tool for comparing coworking spaces while being a credible and helpful source of relevant information in order for users to make the best decision when choosing the perfect office to work from.

The coworking industry is on an insane growth curve. New coworking spaces are opening faster than ever and each one has its own uniqueness and different amenities and designs. These spaces keep evolving and are expected to develop new trends in order to attract new tenants in 2018.

Photo Credit: Elazar Navo

The health and wellness of the members are put in top priority in coworking spaces. Up until now, the emphasis was purely physical – yoga classes, a gym membership and nap rooms – today, mental health seems to be taken care of as well, such as natural light, providing support, professional and personal advice.

Workspaces that are suitable for parents with children also seem to be on a rise. These spaces are more suitable to the reality in which both parents want to develop a career and start a family, without having to choose only one. Coworking spaces that are designed for parents and children offer a workspace a nursery and nannies.

Large businesses and corporations are entering the world of coworking – coworking is no longer just for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Large companies and corporations, such as the tech giants Microsoft and IBM, seem to understand the benefits and game-changing rules of coworking and are transferring entire departments into shared office environments.

Coworking spaces are expected to grow tremendously in size. We are expected to see enormous workspaces that apart from the open-space and private offices will also include dining rooms, apartments, yoga studios, clinics and much more.

The new aspiration for coworking spaces is to find and provide its members with an onsite solution for every need they might have during the working day so that they don’t have to leave the community.

Flexibility in renting, executing projects in a variety of places, networking, collaboration and all-inclusive facilities, and being the most affordable solution are just some of the benefits coworking has to offer.

Spacing currently features 1,000+ coworking spaces and shared offices worldwide, allowing comparison, filtering and selection under a wide range of parameters and tags.

Each listing showcases photos of the location, videos, pricing, maps, nearby restaurants, transportation links, opening hours, amenities, unique features, reviews, related articles, exclusive benefits and much more.

Since its establishment, Spacing has become the leading entity in Israel in the search for coworking spaces and currently produces about 5,000 inquiries per month for office rentals.

Coworking is more than just sharing a desk, an office or a place to work from – it is a style of work that indulges members in a shared working environment. These spaces are suitable for everyone and anyone, from freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, small business, large businesses, corporations and the list goes on.

Spacing is here in order to connect tenants with the right coworking space for them and vice versa.