In light of yesterday’s (Saturday) Israeli Air Force attacks in Syria in response to spillover fire from the Syrian Civil War into the Golan Heights, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns against any further spillover, stating that such matters are severely viewed and will not be tolerated.

Photo Credit: Miriam Alster, FLASH90/Channel 2 News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday addressed Israel’s concern about Iran’s military buildup in Syria and said that Israel views this as a grave matter. At the cabinet meeting, Netanyahu added that the attempt to equip Hezbollah with advanced weapons through Syria and Lebanon is perceived with a similar Israeli attitude.

Last week, the head of Military Intelligence, Major General Herzi Halevi, accused the UN at the Herzliya Conference of having UNIFIL allow Hezbollah to be based on Israel’s northern border: “The peace forces must not only preserve peace but also strive to keep the next war away. The world must make Lebanon choose the right side. Efforts should be made to prevent the next war.” The IDF Spokesperson’s Units stated that the peace-keeping organization’s activity was a cover for Hezbollah, “which again and again blatantly violates 1701.”

Earlier this morning (Sunday), Netanyahu also addressed Israel’s attack on Syria last night after fighting spilled over into the Golan Heights. “Our policy is clear – we do not accept trickles of any kind – no mortar shells, no rockets, no spillover fire – on any front,” the prime minister said. “We respond with force to any hit on our territory or to our citizens.”

Israel's attack in Syria

Israel’s attack in Syria Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Saturday responded to the spillover fire from Syria into the Golan Heights. “We have no intention of violating our sovereignty and undermining our security,” he said. “The Assad regime will continue to bear the consequences if such events repeat themselves.” In a rare occurrence, the IDF released footage of yesterday’s attacks in Syria.

The minister claimed that the IDF’s response was determined and so will any future response be if incidents of spillover fire repeat: “We respond with force, determination and discretion to every such incident.”

The IDF stated it is not party to the internal fighting in Syria, and that it viewed the incidents of spillover into the country gravely and would not allow any harm to come to the normal fabric of life on Israel’s side of the border.