Last Tuesday, the Swedish police received an emergency call about a Jewish woman who was stabbed nine times in central Helsingborg, Sweden.

The woman was rushed to the hospital and is still in critical condition.

More details have emerged that the sixty-year-old victim was the wife of the Rabbi of the Helsingborg synagogue and a local Jewish activist.

The attacker was identified as by surveillance cameras and was arrested at the Swedish border several hours later while attempting to flee the country.

Israel President Reuven Rivlin condemned the attack, “Once again, Jews in Europe are in danger. The brutal stabbing of a member of the Jewish community in Helsingborg, Sweden, is yet another reminder that we cannot rely on fading memories of the Holocaust to keep today’s Jewish communities safe, as our schools, synagogues and community centers are turning into fortresses”.

“We will fight anti-Semitism with all our might and will speak out against these dreadful incidents. Our thoughts and prayers are with the injured, her family and community,” he said

There has been a sharp rise worldwide in violent attacks on prominent members of Jewish communities.

Just last month, in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, Rabbi Shmuel Notik and his wife Chaya were tied up and beaten repeatedly by five men.

The 5 men came to rob the Notik’s residence at the Chabad house in Nairobi.  After Rabbi Notik tried to call the police the men assaulted him, threatened his family, and hurled anti-Semitic slurs.

The thieves continued to the bedroom where his wife was sleeping and began to beat her with clubs. The wife escaped any further injury by running to the bathroom with her three children and locking the door behind them until the police arrived.