Lieutenant Wesley Crusher?


The Cast Wanted a Pay Increase: When the cast approached the producers asking for better pay, Will Wheaton (Wesley Crusher) was given a different offer. What if they simply raised his character’s rank on the show to Lieutenant instead! Wheaton’s reply was “So what should I tell my landlord when I can’t pay my rent? ‘Don’t worry, I just made Lieutenant’?”

Sense of Humour Meets Set Design


Luke Skywalker’s Room: One of the many sight gags hidden throughout the set was in the visitor’s quarters, where Lieutenant Luke Skywalker’s name was assigned to one of the doors.

Too Small For the Camara to See: Jokes were hidden everywhere on the Enterprise set, including a mouse on a wheel in Engineering and a Porsche in the Main Shuttle Bay.

Worf’s Missing Forehead


It Was Stolen! The prosthetic for Worf’s forehead in Season 1 disappeared, stolen by an unknown miscreant. As a result they had to make a new one, which is why his forehead looks different in season 2.

His Head Was Too Big! When Michael Dorn (Worf) was first put into his klingon makeup, his head looked way too big for his body. This was because, at the time Dorn had an afro, which they had to fit under the prosthetics.

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