Customers of restaurants and bars in Denver, Colorado will now be able to enjoy, along with their food and drinks, legalized weed – as long as they don’t smoke it. According to the new legislation, customers who come in with legal weed will be able to consume it through vaping or edibles. However, the restaurants themselves will not be able to offer weed on the menu.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Denver, Colorado on Wednesday became the first large city in the US to allow the usage of marijuana in public bars and restaurants. According to the new legislation, the consumption of marijuana in any form besides smoking, such as edibles or vaping, will be permitted inside any restaurant or bar, with smoking weed allowed in the specified smoking areas, much like with cigarettes.

This is a further expansion of the law that permits the legal consumption of recreational weed in the state of Colorado, which until now hasn’t specified whether it is legal or not to do so in public locations. However, selling weed will not be allowed inside bars or restaurants, so the costumers who would like to enjoy the new legislation will have to prepare in advance.

In the last elections, the states of California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada joined the list of US states that see marijuana comparable to alcohol, allowing their citizens over the age of 21 to consume it legally. This brings the number of states that legalized weed to 8, as Colorado, Alaska, Washington and Oregon have already done so. Over 20 states permit the use of medicinal weed only.