After it was recently reported that Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein hired the Israeli security firm Black Cube, a picture was exposed in the UK of an Israeli employee sent in order to contact complainant Rose McGowan.

The Israeli spy, Stella Penn

The Israeli spy, Stella Penn Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

This morning (Thursday), media outlets in the UK reported that Stella Penn, an Israeli woman in her 30s, is the Black Cube employee who was sent by disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein in order to spy on one of the women accusing him of sexual assault, actress Rose McGowan.

Penn is described by the Daily Mail as a “pretty blonde spy” and an “Israeli military veteran” who worked undercover and immigrated to Israel more than 20 years ago from Yugoslavia. According to the article, Penn “bluffed her way into meetings with Rose McGowan and journalists” in order to convince McGowan to share her memories.

The Daily Mail also reported that Penn claimed to be a women’s rights advocate and asked McGowan to speak at a public event, “while using the aliases ‘Diana Filip’ and ‘Anna.’” By gaining closer access to the actress, Penn was able to obtain a copy of McGowan’s unpublished memoir and did so in order to find out if McGowan intends to publish the charges against Weinstein.

As reported earlier this week by JOL, the disgraced Hollywood producer first heard about Black Cube from none other than Israel’s former Prime Minister Ehud Barak. It was further reported that Weinstein invited Barak, as well as Dan Zurla, the owner of Black Cube, to a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton he held last year.