180 robbers broke into a store in Missouri, robbing it for the third time in a few moths

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The local police in Missouri, U.S.A, have released CCTV footage showing no less than 180 robbers barging into one store, taking everything they can get their hands on, and escaping. 

The incident occurred three months ago, in St. Louis, during the riots which followed the jury’s decision not to charge the police officer who killed a black youth. The police released the video, asking for anyone recognizing the robbers to contact the emergency call center.

The shop owner said that this was the third time in several months that the store has been robbed, and that he does not intend to reopen it. “It’s not only the money I lost; it’s also the psychological element of it all. I do not feel safe in my own neighborhood, where I kept a business for 25 years”, he said.