The students at one school were not ready to see their teacher go: one of the student’s favorite teachers was fired and the school management was forced to call in police to aid in the removal of the woman. The students did not let her go lightly, punching police officers and throwing their belongings at the management.

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A teacher from at a school in Abu Gosh was fired and ask to part from her students in person. When she arrived at the school to say her goodbyes, the school principle forbade her entrance into the institution and asked that she be removed from the school grounds.

The teacher refused to leave the premises and the management was forced to call police in order to remove the teacher. However, the students came to the aid of their teacher and began to hit the police and to throw objects at them.

Huge chaos broke out in the school and in the video recorded at the scene, it is possible to hear both students and teachers screaming, scared, attempting to leave the dangerous scene at the school. The police response was violent, the officers dragging the teacher and principle into the school yard, and allowing the students behind them to fall down the stairs and get hurt. Three police officers were injured by belongings thrown at them.