Lirom Global Education, aka. Study in Israel, offers international students the opportunity to receive a world-class education while gaining “real-world” work experience in Israel.

Fifty years ago, great schools such as the University of California and the City University of New York, as well as many state colleges, were tuition free. Today, earning a college degree has become expensive, at best. Many aspiring students, and their parents, are forced to take out (often exorbitant) student loans and end up having to pay their way out through menial, underpaid and underemployed labor.

Shlomo’s Dream – Turning “The Start-Up Nation” into a Center of Global Education

Shlomo (Momo) Lifshitz, a scholastic visionary and a true Zionist, made the connection between the plight of American students and the tremendous opportunity offered by studying at an Israeli college.

At “60 years young,” Lifshitz has made his career in education and tourism, which included bringing tens of thousands of young people to Israel from synagogues, churches, day schools and Birthright Israel.  With this experience and through personal observation, Mr. Lifshitz came to the realization that Israel, globally recognized as a technology startup powerhouse and home to some of the finest, yet affordable, universities worldwide, served as the perfect solution for making a high-quality university degree attainable to all.

Consequently, three years ago, Mr. Lifshitz established Lirom Global Education, aka. Study in Israel, which partners with Israel’s higher-ed. institutions to provide international students with opportunities to “study abroad”, as well as get “real-world” work experience in Israel, in English.  This portrays Mr. Lifshitz’s practical approach to education and employment. “When I recruit someone, I ask myself, ‘Is this person likable? What does this person know? What is this person’s experience?’” The programs’ academic level and reasonable tuition make studying in Israel an unbeatable proposition.

Everything from Culinary Arts, to Business and Law Degrees, for Much, Much Less

Here are just a few cases that exemplify what Lirom is all about:

1. A three-and-a-half-year LL.B. program, or 4-year LL.B plus BA in the business program, through Israel’s College of Law and Business (CLB) that accommodates English speakers and offers optional internships.  “In four years, you’ll get an LLB and a BA in business for only $50,000,” Lifshitz says. “These bachelor’s degrees won’t cause your parents to go bankrupt, nor will you, yourself incur heavy loans.” For more information, click here.



2. A long-distance learning master’s degree in Jewish education offered by Hebrew University’s Melton Centre for Jewish Education, composed of two online semesters (allowing students to work) and six weeks of intensive summer study in Jerusalem. For more information, click here.

3. A six-month hospitality or culinary arts program at Ben-Gurion University’s Eilat campus plus hands-on internships at some of Eilat’s primary hotels for only $1,700. For more information, click here.

College Education in Israel, the Best of All Worlds

A former Lirom student and employee sums it up nicely: “You’re talking about half or even a third of the price of [college] in America,” says Samuel Lucien (Luky) Guigui, who came from Memphis to Israel to study. Momo Lifshitz “is addressing a very big problem in America now, but he’s doing it with blue-and-white eyes.”