After admitting to money laundering, one of the central suspects in the Submarine Affair Tzachi Lieber apparently made several large deals in cash.


Lieber Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Media adviser Tzachi Lieber is suspected of mediating bribery and obstructing the investigation of the Submarine deal. Now, after admitting to money laundering for others, it is revealed that he also made deals worth hundreds of thousands of shekels in cash.

On Thursday, the Israeli court extended Lieber’s arrest by another week after the judge stated that there is strong evidence against him. According to Lieber’s attorney, he was asked by the Prime Minister’s former Chief of Staff David Shiran to meet with state witness Miki Ganor and receive money from him- a sum of 100 thousand shekels. Lieber transferred the cash to Shiran and it is still unclear what the latter did in return for the cash.

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