New details in the Submarine Affair revealed by state witness Miki Ganor shed a light on the investigation.

Shomron and Ganor

Shomron and Ganor Photo credit: Ilan Asayag/ Tomer Nuyberg/ Flash 90/ Channel 2 News

New testimonies of state witness Miki Ganor are shedding light on the Submarine Affair and the actions of his attorney David Shomron, who is closely associated with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and is a central suspect in the affair.

According to Ganor, who brokered the deal with Germany, attorney Shomron was expected to gain approximately 20% of his commission. The attorney has repeatedly stated that their relationship was only lawyer-client based and that he received a working fee from Ganor. However, today, (Thursday), it was revealed that he was allegedly supposed to receive a fifth of Ganor’s commission for the deal (millions of dollars).


Ganor Photo credit: Ilan Asayag/ Channel 2 News

In an exclusive interview with Israel’s Channel 2 News last week, Shomron claimed that he believed Ganor to be an honest and ethical businessman and only discovered the truth when it was too late. Shomron also denies ever acting illegally and rejects Ganor’s claims.