Two days after five were injured in an axe attack in Düsseldorf, German Police received a notice concerning a terror threat in the city of Essen. A local shopping center was evacuated.

The evacuated shopping center

The evacuated shopping center Photo Credit: Google Street View/Channel 2 News

This morning (Saturday), German media outlets reported that the local police evacuated a shopping center in the city of Essen as the result of a suspected security threat. The event’s circumstances were evaluated and it seems that the threat was most likely regarding an impending terror attack.

“The police have concrete indications about a possible attack,” said local police spokesperson Cristoph Wickhorst. “In order to prevent endangering the visitors, entrance to the shopping center or to the adjacent parking lot will not be allowed.” The local police also noted that the terror threat is only relevant for the shopping center and that other such threats have not been reported elsewhere. Furthermore, they clarified that intelligence officials are working towards verifying information while special forces are evaluating the report’s sources.

The shopping center that was closed is one of the largest in central Germany and more than 50,000 shoppers visit there each day. Its website stated that the shopping center will remain closed today as a result of the terror threat.