Students from around the world are getting on the advanced track to their future in the fields of engineering and technology thanks to the Anières Elite Academy.

Anières Elite Academy students at the Technion

Anières Elite Academy students at the Technion Photo Credit: Anières Elite Academy

Anières Elite Academy is a new and exciting science and technology scholarship program created by World ORT and Naale where students from all over the world study science and technology in high school (9th-12th grade) and continue to the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology for a university degree in engineering. For many students, a degree in engineering from the Technion will enable them to find a challenging and financially rewarding job amongst a myriad the emerging start-up companies across Israel.

Technion professor Dr. Noam Adir from the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry explains that from day one, Anières students are able to learn at the university level. “For one day per week, they have Technion classes. The rest of the week, they are studying the appropriate high school subjects preparing them for their future studies,” he revealed.

Students are selected for the program based on a screening process conducted by Naale and the Technion. Each potential student should have a keen interest in areas of engineering such as chemistry, electronics and computers.

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During the course of their 4-year stay in Israel, students live and study at the WIZO High School facility in the pastoral village of Nahalal near Haifa. The classes include an “ulpan” course in the Hebrew language, Jewish and Israeli culture, as well as general studies (math, English, etc.). The program is challenging but it’s structured to help students make the leap to advanced learning at an early age. Dr. Adir added, “Students need to be able to self-learn to some extent. We give them all the tools and support they need to succeed.”

On a recent tour of the Technion campus, this semester’s group of enthusiastic Anières’ recruits were treated to eye-opening encounters with scientists working on various projects including newly patented compounds, which will eventually be used in the battle against cancer. Inspired by what they had seen, renowned Technion chemistry professor Mark Gandelman galvanized the students by adding, “If the program wasn’t hard, then none of you would be able to do exciting things and change the world. And that is exactly why you are here!”

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