Police have released photographs of the Manchester Arena suicide bomber moments before the terror attack. In the attack, 22 were murdered and dozens were injured. The police stated that the apartment in which the terrorist stayed and constructed the bomb has been found.

 Salman Abedi

Salman Abedi Photo Credit: Greater Manchester Police / Channel 2 News

Greater Manchester Police released photographs yesterday (Saturday) of suicide bomber Salman Abedi moments before he murdered 22 innocent concert-goers at the Manchester Arena. In the photographs, he is seen wearing black clothes and the bag in which he carried the explosive device. The police did not provide details regarding the location and exact time of the pictures.

In the pictures, Abedi is seen wearing glasses, a baseball cap, jeans and a Hollister puffer jacket. In his left hand, he is seen holding the detonator for the bomb in his Karrimor backpack.

According to the Greater Manchester Police investigators, the apartment in which he constructed and primed his bomb has been found. The police claim that over 1,000 officers are taking part in the ongoing investigation and that immense progress has been made. The Greater Manchester Police is now asking the public to provide any information that might shed light on Abedi’s movements in the city before the terror attack.

Yesterday, police forces arrested two people on the suspicion that they were involved in the planning of the terror attack. The two, aged 20 and 22, have joined the 11 others who have been arrested so far during the investigation into the terror attack. The police claim that they “got hold of a large part” of the terror network behind the bombing.

According to the details provided by an American source to CNN, the terrorist likely underwent training by ISIS when he traveled to Syria in the months before the terror attack. It is believed that the murderous terrorist organization specifically trained him for the attack. Some of his family members are being investigated for possibly providing him with assistance.