Tomorrow, Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli will testify in the civil lawsuit against her for the first time. Refaeli is suspected of tax evasion by the Israel Tax Authority.


Refaeli Photo credit: Mako/ Channel 2 News

Tomorrow (Wednesday), Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli will testify for the first time in the case against her by the Israel Tax Authority (ITA). The ITA has already issued an assessment to Refaeli for tens of millions of shekels and claimed that she must pay for years 2009-2010, in which she claimed to be living abroad.

During these years, Refaeli was dating Hollywood star Leonardo Dicaprio. However, the ITA claim that she was still residing in Israel. In addition to tax evasion, the international model is suspected of having enjoyed many ‘celebrity discounts,’ which she did not report as required by law.