The massive firefighting aircraft from the US carried out its first mission since arriving in Israel about 24 hours ago. After it circled above the sea several times, it dropped water over Nataf three times.

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The fifth day of the wave of fires in Israel is nearing its end. Just a few hours before sundown, the American supertanker, the largest and only firefighting aircraft that can operate during the night, took off this afternoon (Saturday) for its first mission in Israel.

After it circled above the sea several times, the Boeing 747 Supertanker started to operate above the Judean Mountains, dropping water over Nataf three times before it made its way back to Ben Gurion Airport. The water was dropped over an area filled with coal in order to prevent the flames from reigniting.

After assessing the situation, Jerusalem District Police Commander Yoram Halevy decided to send the aircraft to the area of Israel’s capital city in an attempt to prevent future threats to Highway 1.

Despite his decision to use the supertanker, Halevy clarified that he actually disagrees with using the massive aircraft at this moment because all the fires throughout the country are currently contained. However, it appears that Halevy was under great pressure to use the aircraft that was brought to Israel in order to help the country deal with the wave of fires.

The supertanker over Nataf

The supertanker over Nataf Photo Credit: Yochi Cohen/Channel 2 News

Earlier today, JOL reported that the giant aircraft from Colorado Springs was the 21st foreign plane to arrive in Israel since the beginning of the fires.