The Israel Central Bureau of Statistics has found that 41% of Israel’s population lives in the center of the country.

The data shows that 24% of Israel’s population lives in the central district. Another 16.5% live in the Tel Aviv district, in the northern district – 16.5 and in the south – 14%. 12% live in both Jerusalem and Haifa districts, and another 4% reside in the Judea and Samaria area.

According to the report, the central district has enjoyed the highest positive internal immigration rate out of the 5 districts in 2018, as it has for the last 2 decades. During 2018 the district recorded an addition of 10,400 people to its population. 4,300 moved to the Judea and Samaria area. Haifa had a smaller positive internal immigration – 1,200 people, while Jerusalem, the north, Tel Aviv and the south all had negative internal immigrations balances.

One of the figures that stand out is the negative internal immigration balance in Jerusalem: 7,500 residents left the city last year. The Tel Aviv district stabilized slightly but the ratio continues to be a negative one, with 4,000 residents leaving.

Nearly 60% of the population that belongs to the Arab sector resides in the north of Israel. 42.8% in the north and 14.4% in Haifa. 13% of the Arab population lives in the south, and, Jerusalem houses 18.9% of the Arab sector’s population.