Stones were thrown at a vehicle that was driving in the Armon Hanatziv area. A two year old infant who was in the car was moderately wounded. “She lay bleeding in her mother’s arms” said an MDA paramedic who arrived at the scene

An MDA team evacuated her to hospital, archive

An MDA team evacuated her to hospital, archive

A two year old infant was moderately to critically wounded today (Thursday) after stones were thrown at a car on Asher Weiner Street at the entrance to Armon Hanatziv (Governor’s Palace ) in Jerusalem. IDF and police force have begun scanning the area for suspects.

The family in the car treated their baby themselves at the entrance to the neighborhood and called for Magen David Adom. The paramedics who arrived at the scene evacuated the infant, who was unconscious, to Hadasa Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem

“When we arrived at the scene we saw a one year and 11 months old infant in her mother’s arms bleeding from her head” said paramedic Rafael Herbrest who arrived at the scene, “civilians at the scene said that she was hurt by a very large stone that hit the car”.

According to him, her two brothers were also in the backseat. “We provided her with preliminary treatment” the paramedic added, “on the way she lost consciousness but regained it by the time we arrived at the hospital”. Medical personnel said that the infant is not in life threatening danger.

A preliminary investigation shows that apparently, the stones were thrown from the direction of nearby Palestinian village Zur Bahar. The police note that the suspicion is that it was stone throwing, although the possibility of a Molotov cocktail being thrown from the village is being looked into.