Police officers are investigating two suspected hate crimes that occurred overnight in different Palestinian towns. In both towns, anti-Arab slogans in Hebrew were found spray-painted on vehicles and homes.

Rammun, this morning

Rammun, this morning Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson

Anti-Arab slogans were found spray-painted on cars and homes in two Palestinian towns Monday morning. Police officers were called to the scene to investigate the apparent hate crimes.

The Hebrew-language graffiti found in the town of Rammun included the phrases “We’ll take fate into our own hands” and “Let us deal with them.” In Beit Iksa, more than 20 cars were vandalized with similar slogans, according to the Palestinian Authority’s official news agency Wafa. Among the slogans spray-painted on the vehicles was “Death to Arabs.”

Last week, hate crimes were reported in two other Palestinian towns in the West Bank. In addition, Aqraba residents claimed a few days ago that vandals tried to set fire to a mosque in the village before the Friday prayer.