Opposition sources in Syria are reporting of dozens that were killed and hundreds more that were injured during a chemical weapon airstrike on a rebel stronghold in the outskirts of Idlib. The chemical allegedly utilized was nerve gas.

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Opposition sources and human rights organizations in Syria reported that at least 100 people were killed and another 400 were injured after an airstrike was conducted today (Tuesday) within the Idlib Province in Northwestern Syria, which is considered to be a rebel stronghold. The airstrike utilized chemical weapons, specifically nerve gas, despite the Assad regime’s declaration that it has not been using such weapons. According to another report from Syria, an additional airstrike hit a hospital in which those wounded in the first airstrike were being treated.

According to medical sources which treated the wounded within Idlib and as quoted by human rights organizations, the airstrike led to many people fainting and choking, while some foamed at the mouth and suffered from spasms, all of which are signs of chemical warfare. It is still unclear if the attack was conducted by the Assad regime or by Russian forces.

A child injured in the chemical attack

A child injured in the chemical attack Photo Credit: Twitter/Channel 2 News

Opposition organizations within Syria distributed numerous pictures throughout social media of those injured in the horrific chemical attack. The symptoms reported by the human rights organization are visible in the pictures and can even be seen on the bodies of children who were wounded. According to the human rights organization, the wounded people’s condition is indicative of being attacked with gas that causes nervous system paralysis.

Last week, an official of the Assad regime denied the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons and asserted that it was a “baseless claim.”