Israel has not commented on the strike, but it comes only hours after an alleged Iranian strike in the Golan Heights

Photo of the Israel-Syria border at Quneitra

Photo of the Israel-Syria border at Quneitra Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Imrich

Only hours after the Israeli Defense Forces reported Iranian missiles landing in the Golan Heights, Syrian state media reported that Israel launched multiple rockets into its territory, destroying a radar installation and an ammunition dump near Damascus. The report also indicated that many of the rockets were destroyed, but some successfully hit their targets.

So far, the IDF has not issued a comment on the matter, but Syrian state television broadcast footage of the attacks. Israel’s military continues to be on high preparation and bomb shelters have been prepared for those living in dangerous areas. No reports have been issued about casualties caused by the recent strike near Damascus. Less than an hour before the strike, Lebanon’s Army Command reported Israeli aircraft circling near the border. Syrian state media posted video of the alleged strike, seen below:

These tit-for-tat attacks have escalated since President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, but have happened prior when Israel feared Iran and Hezbollah’s growing presence in helping Assad. Retaliations by Iran were expected by the IDF, but no comment has been made about the timeline of these strikes.