Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem announced that Syria doesn’t reject the Russian compromise proposal according to which Assad’s chemical weapons will pass onto international supervision. It is said that the Americans also support the proposal. Will enemy assaults wane in the near future?

Will an attack be prevented?

Will an attack be prevented? Photo Credit: Reuters

A short time after the publication of the Russian compromise proposal, the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem announced that Syria blesses the Russian compromise proposal, according to which the government will pass the reserves of its chemical weapons stockpile to international supervision.   According to the compromise, upon destroying the reserve, Assad demands to preserve his credibility against holding on and using chemical weapons and therefore prevent military activities.  

 El Muallem, in conversations with journalists, was prevented from saying explicitly that the government of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad received the proposal.  “Syria blesses the Russian initiative to prevent the Syrians from worrying about her self-defense, the lives of her citizens, and the defense of the state, and therefore has confidence in the wisdom of the Russian leadership, that tries to prevent an attack against our people.”

 UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said that he is prepared to ask the UN Security Council to demand that Syria move their chemical weapons reserves to collection sites and destroy them.  He added that he is prepared and will ask the council to demand that the Syrian president will participate in the International Treaty against Using Chemical Weapons, agreeing that Syria was never a signatory.

 British Prime Minister David Cameron cooled the atmosphere and warned of deception: “It is forbidden to use the idea of supervising chemical weapons tactics to distract,” he said.

 It is too early for journalists to assess the Syrian foreign minister’s announcement as Sergay Lavrov passed the suggestion to his colleague, the Syrian foreign minister, in a joint meeting today in Moscow.  “We ask not to arrive at an agreement establishing international supervision of chemical weapons but in the end to destroy them,” clarified Lavrov.

 Simultaneously, the Syrian foreign minister said that Syria desires to clear the diplomatic channel.  “The government in Damascus is ready to speak about the causes of opposition,” El Muallem said.  According to his speech, Assad’s government is ready to discuss with sections in Syria the issues regarding peace.  “It is said that each of the rebel organizations is becoming closer to Al Qaeda.”

 US Secretary of State John Kerry declared this afternoon that Syrian President Bashar Assad can prevent an attack by handing over all of their chemical weapons reserves within a week but clarified quickly that he didn’t speak of the official suggestion.

 Kerry continues to present arguments in favor of an attack.  “We know that the Assad government gives instructions to carry out an attack and he places soldiers in his area,” clarified Kerry after meeting with his British counterpart William Hague.  “We also know that each chemical shell is fired from the center of the governmental authority and the society is filled within seconds with videos that describe the attack.”

 Assad: Each response is possible

 In the afternoon, the US CBS channel broadcast an interview of Syrian President Assad denying that he used chemical weapons and warning of the consequences of attacking his state.  “In the event of an attack, each response is possible,” Assad said in the interview.

 Assad added in the interview that the American government behaved similar to this before the decision to attack Iraq.  “The single thing we saw before the chemical attack was videos,” he claimed.  “The Russians have inside information entirely supporting in fact claims that the rebels fired chemical weapons.  This was really the claim of Powell before Iraq.” 

 Assad warned also that an attack against Syria “will play into the hands of Al Qaeda people who take part in the war of the rebels.”