On Saturday morning, an Iranian drone entered Israeli airspace and was shot down by Israel. In response, Israeli fighter jets attacked Iranian targets in Syria. Syrian air defense forces targeted the fighter jets with over 25 anti-aircraft missiles.

Watch: Israeli pilots taken to hospital after ejecting from fighter jet

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An Israeli Apache helicopter downed an Iranian drone that entered the airspace above northern Israel from Syria early Saturday morning. In response, Israeli fighter jets targeted Iranian sites in Syria. Syrian air defense forces fired anti-aircraft missiles at the Israeli warplanes.

One of the Israeli fighter jets went down during the incident. The pilots ejected from the aircraft and landed in Israeli territory. They were taken to a Haifa hospital for a medical examination. One was severely injured during the incident. The fighter jet fell and exploded upon impact in Israeli territory. No injuries were reported.

The incident began when the Iranian drone took off from the Syrian T-4 Airbase shortly before 4:30 AM. It infiltrated Israel’s airspace above the southern Golan Heights. Israel’s air defense system spotted the drone as it took off from the airbase and was tracking it when it crossed the border into Israel, which is when the Israeli security establishment decided to down it.

Israeli pilots being taken to the hospital, today

Israeli pilots being taken to the hospital, today Photo Credit: Shay Vaknin/TPS

The Israeli Air Force decided to attack the airbase from which the drone took off in response, sending four F-16 fighter jets to carry out the mission. More than 25 surface-to-air missiles were fired at the Israeli planes by the Syrian air defense forces.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit stated that Iran violated Israel’s sovereignty. “Iran is dragging the region to an adventure and it knows how this will end,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit added.

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