Over 200,000 died in the Syrian civil war.

Obama failed the Syrian people?

Obama failed the Syrian people? Photo Credit: AP/Channel 2 News

Four million people, more than a quarter of the population in Syria, fled to other countries, most of them are located in the Middle East. Turkey hosts about 1.5 million refugees. Lebanon hosts 1.1 million refugees. Jordan hosts over 600,000 refugees. Iraq hosts 233,000 Syrian refugees. Egypt hosts about 130,000 refugees. About 230,000 refugees fled to Europe. Six million became refugees in their own homeland. 

Lebanon was hit the hardest. It is struggling to cope with a wave of Syrian refugees who entered into its territory. It should be noted that Lebanon’s had only 4 million inhabitants originally. 

Human rights organizations have published a report which suggests that the UN Security Council failed in stopping the war in Syria. They have also reported that today (Saturday) Helicopters dropped explosive barrels on areas in al- Brej area in Aleppo. Clashes took place between regime forces backed by non-Syrian militants and Hezbollah against rebel and Islamic battalions backed by the al-Nusra Front in  Aleppo, no reports of casualties. 

In Idlib province Clashes continued between regime forces against Islamic battalions. 2 militants from al-Nusra front were killed in these clashes. Syrian regime forces opened heavy machine gun and sniper fire on areas near Damascus, no reports of casualties.