Augmenting the AA deployment is meant to decrease the Israeli freedom of operation in the Syrian airspace.

Syrian anti-aircraft missiles.

Syrian anti-aircraft missiles.

The Syrian military has reinforced its deployment of anti-air systems along the border with Israel to minimize the IAF’s freedom of operation in the Syrian airspace.

According to a senior commander in the Syrian military, who spoke to Reuters (Tuesday), the additional deployment comes as an effort “to renew the air defense system against Israel in the first degree”. The systems that are to be deployed are the Russian Pantsir S1.

Last week, the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad told British Mail on Sunday that Israel and Russia have no military coordination regarding Syria and that the Syrian civil war is due to end in one year at most. “Russia never coordinated with anyone against Syria, either politically or militarily, and that’s (a) contradiction, how could they help the Syrian army advancing and at the same time work with our enemies in order to destroy our army?”

Regarding the Syrian relations with Russia Assad commented, “We’ve had good relations with Russia for more than six decades now, nearly seven decades. They never, during our relation, try to dictate, even if there are differences.”