Three million Sunnis are taking refuge in and around the city of Idlib in the north of Syria. Syria, Russia, and Iran are tempted to attack the city, but the pressure from the west is growing to not make a move.

The occupying forces are now gathering around the north-western province of Idlib, where there has been a series of rebel groups and extremist combatants, many of whom are considered “terrorists” by the world’s powers.


Russia and Iran insist that Idlib’s extremist groups must be defeated and they will support their own forces in the event of an attack.

The dissidents in the city are the only remaining resistance to Assad’s totalitarian government. If they wipe out the city it will be viewed as an ethnic cleansing en’ mass.

Donald Trump went on Twitter to warn the three nations entered the region, they ”would be making a ‘grave humanitarian mistake”.

The UN and humanitarian organizations warned that an attack on Idlib could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe, at a level not yet seen in the Syrian civil war that has been going on for seven years.

Since the beginning of 2017, Iran, Russia, and Turkey have called for negotiations to calm the hostilities in Syria.

Last year, Idlib was designated as a “de-escalation” zone to stop the violence, for the purpose of a cease-fire throughout the country.