A senior Syrian Army officer told Reuters that the Al Shayrat airbase was not the target of a fresh airstrike. According to him, Israel and the United States launched a cyberattack targeting Syria’s air defense system, causing it to fire missiles near Homs early Tuesday morning.


Archive Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

After Syrian TV reported that aerial defense forces shot down missiles that were headed toward an airbase, a senior Syrian Army officer denied the reports and blamed Israel for triggering the country’s missile defense system.

Speaking to Reuters on Tuesday, the officer claimed that the sirens were activated as a result of an Israeli-American cyberattack on Syria’s radar system and that defense missiles were subsequently fired. The source added that Russia is investigating the incident.  

As reported by JOL earlier today, Syrian media outlets claimed that six missiles that were fired at the Al Shayrat airbase were intercepted. The airbase, located near Homs, was targeted last year in an American airstrike in response to a chemical weapons attack in Idlib.

Media outlets affiliated with Hezbollah added that three additional missiles were fired at the Dumair military airport near Damascus. However, the Syrian reports did not mention the second target.