Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s military launched a massive strike Sunday morning in the rebel-held enclave of Ghouta, where over 500 people were reported dead last week.

Destruction in Homs

Destruction in Homs Photo credit: Wikipedia

The Syrian regime renewed its attacks in the rebel-controlled enclave of Ghouta on Sunday morning, despite a unanimous call for a 30-day ceasefire by the UN Security Council.

Media outlets and eyewitnesses in Syria said the regime has launched air and ground strikes in eastern Ghouta. In some locations, forces of Assad’s military clashed with rebels and opposition forces. The number of casualties, if any, has not been mentioned.

The UN Security Council on Friday unanimously approved a resolution calling for a 30-day ceasefire in order to allow humanitarian aid to the region, where over 500 people were reported dead in a massive bombardment last week.

The strikes in Ghouta, conducted by the Syrian army and backed by the Russian Air Force, are believed to be the deadliest massacre of uninvolved civilians in months.

Earlier on Sunday, Iran’s state-run Tansim news agency quoted Mohammad Bagheri, the Iranian army’s Chief of Staff, as saying Iran and Syria will continue to strike “suburbs of Damascus held by the terrorists” but will respect the UN ceasefire elsewhere in the country.