Following last night’s events between the Israeli Air Force and the Syrian army, Syria continues to threaten Israel; most recently with a video released on Syrian TV networks showing soldiers operating weapons systems.

Photo: Photo Credit: Channel 2 News | Can’t see video? – Click Here

Syria continues to threaten Israel after last night (between Thursday and Friday) a Syrian anti-aircraft missile was fired at Israeli Air Force planes during an attack against a weapons convoy in Syria. Syrian television networks aired the above video showing Basher al-Assad’s soldiers operating weapons systems with a written threat at the end: “Our air defense systems respond to aggression.”

Apart from the reactions in Syria, the Lebanese news website al-Nashra sourced from Hezbollah and Syria, provided more details on last night’s events in Syria. According to a report from a military source in the area, a change in command occurred a short while ago within the Syrian Army ordering that any enemy aircraft entering Syrian airspace be fired upon. “Israeli planes attacked from Lebanese airspace, and at the first opportunity – anti-aircraft batteries fired at the enemy plane,” he said.

According to the source, last night at midnight Syrian air defense units identified intense Israeli Air Force activity over the Golan Heights on the Israeli side, with repeated intrusions into Syrian airspace. The source stated that at 2:40 AM planes flew in and out of Syrian airspace to carry out attacks in its territory.

At this point, the Syrian air defense system S-200 fired at the Israeli planes which tried to retreat into Israel in order to be assisted by the Arrow 2 system which launched a number of missiles. “One of them fell in Jordanian territory,” said the source.

Shot down missile in Jordan

Shot down missile in Jordan Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The military source’s report confirms statements made by sources close to the Syrian regime that the S-200 system was used against the IAF.  Although Syria describes the events differently, as previously reported by JOL, they have “promised to respond promptly, directly and by all possible means to any attempts by Israel to attack Syria.”

Interestingly the IDF admitted attacking a weapons convoy in Syria: The IDF has confirmed that Air Force planes attacked a strategic weapons shipment in northern Syria destined for Hezbollah.